Common Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happen and they can affect any part of your body, including your mouth and teeth. While some injuries very obviously require emergency dental care, there are others that are more subtle and can leave you wondering just how quickly you need to be seen by a professional. Some patients avoid emergency treatment out of fear of higher costs, but the truth is that sometimes the consequences of delaying getting the right care can be more serious than just a dental bill. You could be left requiring long-term treatment or even needing to have a tooth removed.


Some of the advantages associated with getting emergency dental care include:


  • Immediate pain relief

  • Prevention of tooth loss

  • Limit further damage

  • Reduce long-term dental costs

  • Prevent infection

  • Preserve the appearance of your smile


But, how do you know if you need emergency dental care or if your issue can wait for a regular appointment? Here are the most common signs that you could benefit from the urgent attention of a dentist.


You have had a tooth knocked out

Any sort of trauma to the face can cause a tooth to be knocked out. This is usually very painful and can cause significant bleeding. If you can find the tooth, collect it (but don’t touch the root) and place it in a glass of water or milk – it may be possible to reattach it. If not, your dentist will be able to make sure the wound is clean and stops bleeding until a permanent replacement can be arranged.


Your tooth is broken or chipped

Chips are fairly minor, but if yours is causing you pain, you should see the emergency dentist as soon as you can. Meanwhile, any sort of break beyond a hairline fracture should also be looked at by your dentist before the damage gets any worse. A temporary repair will restore the strength of your teeth until a permanent solution is sorted.


Lost dental restoration

Fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations aren’t designed to last forever. However, if you lose one unexpectedly, it can cause a range of different problems, from dental pain to an inability to eat or talk properly. Your dentist will be able to replace it, even if just with a temporary alternative, so that the function of your tooth is restored and no further damage can occur.


You have severe dental pain

Whether it’s sharp and sudden, or a persistent, dull ache, toothache can be extremely painful and debilitating. Even if you aren’t sure what is causing your dental pain, your emergency dentist can assess your teeth and give you suitable pain relief so that you can cope until the underlying issue has been resolved.


You have an infection

A dental abscess is a very painful infection, usually found at the root of the tooth. It normally occurs if you have an untreated cavity or very severe gum disease, but infections can develop following a trauma too. This is because bacteria can enter any injuries that have occurred, triggering the start of infection. Most abscessed teeth require surgery to drain infected materials, as well as antibiotics to prevent reinfection. Signs of infection include severe pain, a bad taste in your mouth, visible pus, swelling of the gums, jaw, or face, and a fever.



If you think you may need emergency dental care, don’t delay in speaking to our dental team. They will be happy to assess your emergency over the phone and advise if you should come in for urgent treatment. Call Orange Door Dental Group in Elkhart, Indiana at (574) 347-4793 or in Warsaw, Indiana at (574) 406-2115.

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