Four Telling Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

There may be numerous dental concerns in your daily life, but identifying the ones that require emergency attention can be difficult. Some cases are serious, prompting the need to get dental services or risk losing your tooth. Your dental health is of utmost importance. It not only ensures pain relief, reduced possibility of oral infection, and prevention of tooth loss, but it also promotes improved overall health.

Certain signs indicate your dental condition needs an emergency intervention. It is important not to ignore such signs at an early stage and consult a dentist urgently. While some may wait, other dental concerns are time-sensitive.


Bleeding Gums

While it may be normal to experience some bleeding, especially after flossing, continuous bleeding is not normal. Bacterial gum infection may be the cause, but when accompanied by swelling, pain, or profuse bleeding, it is time to visit your dentist. This may develop into a boil containing pus that, untreated, may affect other parts of the body. It could be a sign of advanced periodontal disease and will require expert dental care.


Having a Severely Chipped Tooth

If you chip your tooth lightly, you can wait until morning to see the dentist. A severely cracked or chipped tooth comes with excruciating pain, which qualifies as a dental emergency. Seek medical assistance from your dentist if this happens. Also, if your tooth gets knocked out completely, you can increase your chance of reinserting it by preserving it in milk. This gives you ample time to get emergency dental care from your dentist.


Unexpected Swelling

You may experience unexpected swelling on your gums that could be due to gum disease or side effects of a dental procedure. Gum disease can lead to various complications, which require urgent treatment from the dentist. Not only does advanced tooth decay lead to halitosis and social embarrassment, but it can also be harmful and painful to dental health. It can also lead to loss of teeth. These underlying conditions manifest themselves in swelling of the gum and mouth.


Inexplicable Toothache

When you experience an unexplained toothache that is both severe and persistent, it could be a sign of infection. A minor toothache is not a dental emergency. Few homemade solutions will suffice. If the severity of the toothache is unbearable, visit your emergency dentist immediately. It could be that you have an abscessed tooth.

This means there could be pockets of pus on the tissue surrounding your tooth, making your gum feel sore. This is a result of bacterial infection due to a lack of dental hygiene among other factors.

There are other signs that apply to you if you have a crown or permanent filling that would not apply to others. You may start having a metal-like taste in your mouth, which is a sign that your filling has come loose. Open fillings can lead to any of the above signs due to infection.


If you have a dental emergency, come to Orange Door Dental Group. You can visit any of our offices in Elkhart or Warsaw, Indiana, for emergency dental care from our professionals. Also, you can give us a call at (574) 347-4793 or (574) 406-2115 to book an appointment. No matter what dental discomfort you are experiencing, you should visit us and we will find a solution for you.

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