How to Find the Right Dentist for You?

Finding a dentist can be anxiety-inducing. Remember, regular dental visits help you protect your teeth and keep dental problems at bay. Having poor oral health can also add to high-risk situations, so you need to take the time to find the dentist that is going to be right for you.


Check Your Insurance Coverage


Insurance coverage is essential for your dental work, and you may have a list of predetermined dentists covered. You will need to select one that participates in your insurance plan to get the most for your benefits. Alternatively, if you do not have insurance coverage, you may need to ask if the dental office has payment plans, a sliding scale, or alternate means of making sure you get the dental work you need.


Always Ask for Referrals


Social media is an excellent resource for referrals. Post on your preferred platform if you are looking for suggestions from people in your area. Ask friends what they think or who they recommend. Check out reviews on Yelp and get honest feedback from people who have been there and done that. Review credentials on to verify your dentist’s capabilities.


More Experience Is Better


Routine cleanings and checkups do not always require your dentist, as many dental assistants perform cleanings while the dentist looks things over. If you have significant oral health issues, you will want to focus on your dentist's experience. Do not be afraid to ask how many times a procedure has been performed. If you are anxious, talk to your dentist about how they handle someone with anxiety.


Telehealth is Helpful


Thanks to the way things are today, more medical professionals, including dentists, are working with telehealth capabilities. In some situations, your dentist can use video technology or a communication platform like Zoom to diagnose issues. While telehealth appointments can never replace an in-person cleaning, it is a good idea to ask about telehealth options if you need them in the future.


Communication and Comfort


Not everyone is going to like the same dentist because bedside manners are different. Find a dentist that you will be comfortable talking to if you have questions. Ideally, you want the dentist to welcome your questions and be willing to discuss whatever you need. You do not want to feel like you are rushed out of the office. You want to feel like you matter.


Look for the Latest Technology


Dental tech is constantly changing, just like it does in every other medical field. You will want to know if your dentist uses the best materials and the most updated equipment available. Having the best tool for the job often translates into having a better experience for the patient.


After Hour Emergencies


As everyone can attest to, emergencies always happen when no one is open to deal with them, and dental emergencies are not any different. Ask about after-hours options because you may need them someday, and it is better to know ahead of time.

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