The Importance of Dental Care for Baby Teeth

Dental specialists often notice that many parents are not that diligent in caring for baby teeth. It’s common for parents to think that doing so is a futile effort because baby teeth will fall out eventually. While it’s true that baby teeth are fleeting, studies show that they impact your child’s general and even emotional health. As a hands-on parent, you should start your child’s oral hygiene properly. Here are the points that stress the importance of dental care for baby teeth.

Plaque Is Painful

Experts say that if your child doesn’t have good dental care the moment the baby teeth show, it could affect your child’s heart health over time. The American Heart Association says that plaque can be associated with dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. It is best to take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as baby teeth erupt. That way, you can be certain that your child’s baby teeth always get professional dental care every six months. This regular dental care can lower your child’s risk of developing serious health conditions.

Cavities Form Quickly

In just six months, cavities can form on your child’s baby teeth. Baby teeth are thinner and softer than permanent teeth. This vulnerable structure allows bacterial acids to eat through baby teeth much faster. Cavities will reach a baby tooth’s nerve more quickly. If your child loses baby teeth because of untreated cavities, issues such as speech impediments can occur. This can also cause a bite abnormality that could affect the shape of your child’s face or jaw.

Maintains Your Child’s Smile

Smiling is an important part of your child’s development. Healthy baby teeth give your child the confidence to present themselves to other people. Research establishes that smiling boosts your immunity because of the release of serotonin, endorphins, and natural pain relievers as well.

Flossing Prolongs Life

Pediatric dentists advise parents to encourage flossing in their children at an early age. When your child starts to have teeth growing next to each other, teach your child how to floss them. Your pediatric dentist can show you how to do this.

Clinical findings indicate that flossing helps improve heart health because it reduces the bacteria in your oral cavity. As bacteria proliferate, they seep into your bloodstream and cause inflammation, which increases your risk for strokes and heart attacks. Experts say that it always takes a lot of patience, instruction, and education at an early age to motivate kids to floss. Essentially, you earn six more years of life if you floss. It is wise for your child to floss once their baby teeth erupt.

Dental care for baby teeth is a basic step toward a healthy, happy, and long life for your child. It may be challenging for you at first, but you and your child will appreciate the results someday. At Orange Door Dental Group, we know how important dental care for baby teeth is. We are always willing to help you start good oral care for your child as early as possible. You are always welcome to walk into our clinics in Indiana, for a walk-in consultation. Please call us at (574) 347-4793 (Elkhart) or (574) 406-2115 (Warsaw) if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our dental care methods for baby teeth.

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