What to Expect From a Root Canal

Sometimes the pulp of the tooth, which is located in the root, can become inflamed. When this happens, a root canal is performed to remove the affected pulp. Many people hear about a root canal and associate it with pain and discomfort. It is normal to have some discomfort after having one, but excessive pain is not usual. Having information on what to expect from a tooth canal will help you to prepare and make an informed decision. 


A root canal is a major dental procedure involving deep cleaning of the inner cavities of the roots of your teeth. However, there is no need to fear the procedure because root canals are just as straightforward as most other dental procedures. The slight discomfort and pain you may experience is temporary. A root canal procedure will help prevent any pain stemming from a fractured or decaying tooth. Making sure you select a dentist in Elkhart, IN and Warsaw, IN who is experienced and trained for this procedure is also vital for the success of the root canal.


Tooth Sensitivity

Tenderness and sensitivity after a root canal are normal. This is because inflammation or swelling of tissues around the gum occurs when removing the nerve root, leaving small nerves in the tissue. An improperly smoothed temporary filling can cause you to bite harder, making your tooth sore. Sensitivity and discomfort after the procedure should not go on for a prolonged time. If this happens, contact your dentist for evaluation.



Cost-Benefit Expectations

In some situations, a tooth can become brittle and break after a root canal. To remedy this, a crown is an option. Although this could mean an additional cost, the alternative to a root canal is removing the tooth. Root canals have a good success rate and eliminate the need to remove your tooth.



Recovery Period

Advances in dental technology are making it possible for patients to enjoy a relatively pain-free experience. You can expect your dentist to give you a local anesthetic that will minimize pain; however, you will still experience some pressure during the cleaning process.

When the anesthetic wears off, you might feel mild sensitivity and pain; however, that is perfectly normal. Your dentist will make tiny openings in the crown of your teeth and remove any diseased pulp from your tooth’s chamber. Although that will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, any sensitivity and pain will not last for long.




A successful procedure will cause mild pain and discomfort for a few days. If you practice good dental hygiene, you will start feeling better in no time. If the pain persists for more than three days, you should visit your dentist for a follow-up. A root canal is oftentimes recommended over a tooth extraction, which involves replacing the damaged tooth with an implant, partial denture, or bridge.



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