Why Are Annual Dental Cleanings Important for Overall Health?

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association highly recommends having annual dental cleanings. Even if you are busy, you must find time to keep your dental cleaning appointment. Seeing your dentist for a deep dental cleaning each year can do more than maintain your smile. If you want to find out why annual dental cleanings are essential for your overall health, here’s what you should know.


Brighter Smile


Going to your dental appointment means that your dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly. Your dentist will brush your teeth with a rotating electric toothbrush and some gritty toothpaste. This toothpaste removes any residual tartar or plaque. Experts say that this rough toothpaste is safe to use once or twice a year. You should not use toothpaste like this daily. It will only strip away your enamel.

This type of thorough brushing removes most of the stubborn stains as well. After the cleaning, your dentist will get a polisher and make your teeth shine. When you have shiny teeth, their surfaces are smoother. This type of dental surface makes it difficult for bacteria and stains to cling. Without bacteria in your mouth, you become safer from diseases that arise from poor oral hygiene like autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.


Tartar and Plaque Removal


Daily brushing and flossing are not enough to keep tartar and plaque away. You must visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings every year. Using a scaler, your dentist can scrape off sticky plaque and tough tartar from your teeth. Even with daily flossing, there are still hard-to-reach areas that need more attention. Your dentist can see these areas, concentrating at the back of your mouth.

It is easy to ignore plaque because it is colorless. Your untrained eye may not even see it. This colorless accumulation will then harden into tartar. The bacteria in plaque and tartar cause dental conditions like tooth decay and gingivitis. An annual dental cleaning can remove these substances. Your mouth will then be free of dental issues.


Eases “Mask Mouth”


Because of the pandemic, you need to wear face masks to protect yourself and others. Wearing masks every day leads to “mask mouth.” This is a condition that dries out your mouth. It happens because you breathe through your mask while keeping your mouth shut. If you do breathe through your mouth, the mask catches the moisture. The air that enters your mouth does not have moisture anymore.

Breathing through a mask results in a dry mouth. The dryness of your mouth results in the accumulation of more bacteria. You develop a sour mouth, tooth decay, and gum recession. Your dentist can ease these symptoms through a yearly dental cleaning. After each cleaning, you can be sure to have fresh breath and a healthy mouth despite wearing masks. You can also feel better knowing your overall health is not even more at risk during these difficult times.

Annual dental cleanings can benefit your oral health and your overall health. At Orange Door Dental Group, we encourage our patients to maintain their oral health by having annual dental cleanings. We believe that this is key to keeping their body safer from various ailments. Visit our clinics in Elkhart and Warsaw, Indiana, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 574-347-4793 (Elkhart) or 574-406-2115 (Warsaw) to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our standard and deep professional cleaning packages.

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